How To Run a Successful Business

By:Drew Stevens | August 8, 2016

The Olympics have begun and it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm, the spirit and the glamour of the competing athletes. As I watch the athletes it is enjoyable to see years of labor and sweat converted into personal triumph. Win or lose every athlete is to be commended for their efforts. What can business owners learn about athletic competition, particularly the Olympics to create results for their business?   Perseverance - Every athlete struggles through pain, adversity, back talk,…

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Dealing with Defeat

By:Drew Stevens | August 3, 2016

Let’s face it not everyday of business ownership is Pollyanna. There will be some volatility along the way. After all, volatility makes you stronger and allows you to make changes to either mistakes made or simply the economic landscape.   Yet continued work when prospective customers negate your offer or investors say no, or existing customers are difficult or desire returns is difficult. So, how do you rise above the difficulty? Here are 5 simple tips.   Empty the negative…

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Why Sales Professionals Lack Selling Effectiveness

By:Drew Stevens | July 11, 2016

Electronics have made selling professionals lazy. Randy texted me on a mid-Saturday evening while my wife and I watched a movie. Randy is an automobile salesman inquisitive if I might be interested in a new lease. I replied, but this is where the issues begin!   During the course of the next four days, Randy is seeking information from me about my current payments, luxuries and extras etc. He then suggests I call him with my financial information to begin…

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