The Power of Business Networking

By:Drew Stevens | October 5, 2016

If you want to grow your practice by networking it is imperative that you network with: people who are your ideal clients, people who know your ideal clients, and/or people who do business with your ideal clients. It’s that simple. When you network with people who need your services (or know others who do) there will be a natural interest in knowing more about your business. Here are some things to consider. • Effective networking can increase your visibility and…

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People Make a Difference

By:Drew Stevens | September 14, 2016

Leading in today’s vast global economy requires nimbleness and altering past habits. Leading today requires altering strategies, massive communication and delegation. If your firm wants to disrupt, you desire to be a market leader – it is crucial you realize people make a difference. As a keynote presenter and researcher I get an opportunity to meet many other individuals. One of those happen to have been a gentleman by the name of Chris Gardner who happen to have inspired the…

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How To Run a Successful Business

By:Drew Stevens | August 8, 2016

The Olympics have begun and it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm, the spirit and the glamour of the competing athletes. As I watch the athletes it is enjoyable to see years of labor and sweat converted into personal triumph. Win or lose every athlete is to be commended for their efforts. What can business owners learn about athletic competition, particularly the Olympics to create results for their business?   Perseverance - Every athlete struggles through pain, adversity, back talk,…

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