When Good Sales People Do Bad Things

By:Shante Gordon | October 1, 2017

I am a big movie fan and a favorite film of mine from the 1980’s is Back to the Future. There is a scene when Marty McFly’s father George is constantly bullied by Biff a big lummox that takes George into a headlock when he does something ridiculous and yells,…”Maaac FLYYYYY!” I want to do this every time I see a sales person or business owner do something incredibly dumb with potential clients. To make my point, A young woman…

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4 Proven Methods To Help Your Business Bring in Revenue

By:Shante Gordon | September 28, 2017

If your business has been struggling with revenue for some time you need help. Many business owners are either too proud or too stupid to ask for help. If your ear were hurting and could not hear well you would visit an ear, nose and throat specialist. If you suffer from flu like symptoms you would visit an urgent care or personal physician and get medication. Why would you help you, but not your business? Pride is not failure and…

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4 SEO Secrets for Small Business

By:Shante Gordon | September 25, 2017

Many years ago, running the business seemed so natural. You would either invent or represent a product or service, place it on the shelf and begin selling. The problem today is that there is so much technology involved. There are websites to be considered, social media avenues and terminology that we don’t even understand. I recall back in the 1990s trying to determine what TCP/IP meant, however, now we have terms such as SEO that at times require another college…

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