Why Small Business Fails

By:Drew Stevens | August 14, 2017

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there were 28.2 million small businesses in 2011, and they made up all but 0.3 percent of U.S. employer firms. (Forbes 2017) And, many of these firms are some of the most innovative and successful in the United States. Where many Fortune 500 firms struggle with shareholder returns, innovation, hiring, economics and a myriad of other issues – small business is doing great! However, with the pleasure of operating a business comes some…

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Your Business Failure May Be Your Own Fault

By:Drew Stevens | April 22, 2017

We all agree that the world has become divisive. Yet, if you own and operate a business you must ensure equality and decency for all.   While out traveling to my clients I am frequently bewildered how many drivers with those magnetic signs on their cars cut people off, never use a directional, speed especially in construction zones, text while driving thereby swerving in traffic etc. If you find it so easy to advertise your stupidity why would I use…

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Five Reasons Why Your Business is Terrible

By:Drew Stevens | April 18, 2017

  One of the greatest experiences of American life is working at or creating a business from a hobby, passion or desire to solve an issue. Business product or service is operated by a core of individual’s intent on changing lives and participating in an open economy. However, simply creating a product or service does not translate into success.   During the last 10 years, you may have experienced some iconic businesses and brands close their doors forever. Radio Shack,…

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