When Good Sales People Do Bad Things

By:Shante Gordon | October 1, 2017

I am a big movie fan and a favorite film of mine from the 1980’s is Back to the Future. There is a scene when Marty McFly’s father George is constantly bullied by Biff a big lummox that takes George into a headlock when he does something ridiculous and yells,…”Maaac FLYYYYY!” I want to do this every time I see a sales person or business owner do something incredibly dumb with potential clients. To make my point, A young woman…

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7 Methods to Grow Your Business Digitally in 2017

By:Drew Stevens | March 16, 2017

Whether you are a small business owner, consultant, coach or entrepreneur, even a sales professional building your business is essential to success.  Business today especially because of digital media is similar to being at a rock concert it's not about screaming louder it's about looking different so that the singer or star recognizes you.   Too many businesses sound just like their competitor. To help my point, I was recently reviewing my Facebook feed, and five individuals all claimed that…

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail in 2017

By:Drew Stevens | February 20, 2017

        I work with many individuals and their respective businesses and they all suffer from the same pains – revenue gain. Many blame the issues on politics, the economy etc. It is very easy to play the victim. Business owners shoot even selling professionals love using victimology to create excuses as to why business is off.   The issue with victimization is that a) it does not repair revenue and b) it only creates more depression. When…

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