When Good Sales People Do Bad Things

By:Shante Gordon | October 1, 2017

I am a big movie fan and a favorite film of mine from the 1980’s is Back to the Future. There is a scene when Marty McFly’s father George is constantly bullied by Biff a big lummox that takes George into a headlock when he does something ridiculous and yells,…”Maaac FLYYYYY!”

I want to do this every time I see a sales person or business owner do something incredibly dumb with potential clients. To make my point, A young woman called me not once, not twice but three times yesterday and read from the same script every time. She never faltered when I tried to interrupt and never used a CRM system to keep notes. ”Maaac FLYYYYY!” If you are too lazy to make notes and review them, then you should not be selling.

I am also training a new sales agent for one of my new businesses and he informs me that in the five years and two jobs that he has had, he never received sales training! ”Maaac FLYYYYY!” Sales managers and organizations that ignore sales training are dumb. Selling is a profession, just like management, project management or any other job. Doctors need to pass boards, real estate agents need to be trained as to accounts so why does selling become laxidasical.

The reason why so many businesses falter is because they lack the right people, processes and foundations for success. ”Maaac FLYYYYY!” Why have people read from a script when selling is about formulating a trusting relationship? Why not offer foundational principles so that there is efficiency in the sales process?

You cannot blame bad business, faltering revenue and profits on sales agents when you do not hire properly. You cannot blame bad business on talent you do not train. Your sales people and their processes are poor because you fail to support them.

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